Kids Origami and Math - Whale

geometry origami Jun 03, 2024

Origami is a great tool for helping children develop focus and concentration.  Each design takes a bit of time and children need to focus on each step to get the outcome they desire.  In addition, origami is terrific for building fine motor skills.  Children with strong fine motor skills will have an easier time printing, using scissors, doing art projects of all types, etc.  Origami is also fun and packed with math.  Engaging in origami with your child is a fun way to build their skills with fractions and geometry.

This origami whale is easy to make.  Let me show you the math inside this fun activity.  Then you can make one (or a whole family of them!) with your child. You will need one square piece of paper for each whale.  I like to use origami paper as it is a bit thinner and easier to fold.  However, you can also use regular copy paper if you first cut it into a square.



1. Fold the paper in half by folding along the diagonal.  Then open it up and fold it in halves the other way by folding along the diagonal again. 


2. Open up the paper and fold one side into the center line.  Then fold the other side to the center line.  You should end up with two right scalene triangles.  

Next fold the top down to meet the center line.  This will create an isosceles triangle. 

3. Fold the whale in half.  


4. Fold the tail up. Add facial features. 


Now you have a whale and practiced some geometry in the process.  Make a few more and then create an ocean scene.  

RIGHT SCALENE TRIANGLE - a triangle with a right angle in it and no sides that are the same length

ISOSCELES TRIANGLE - a triangle with two sides that are the same length


* This design is adapted from: