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I'm Alison.

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I love talking about elementary math. Let me show you how fun it can be to do math with your child. 

I help parents and teachers build their own confidence as mathematicians and teachers of mathematics so they can support the young people in their lives.  Discovery, growth mindsets, and visual models are vehicles for individual empowerment enabling parents and children to find joy in mathematics.  


Courses to Make You More Effective

My courses bridge the gap between the way math was taught in previous generations and the way math is taught today. I will give you the confidence and skills needed to support your child in mathematics.   

Parents of 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds



Parents of 2nd-5th Graders



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"Alison has a deep understanding of what works in today's math classroom and how to explain that to parents in ways that are concrete, actionable, and highly engaging.  Her work with parents at our school has empowered our community to transform the way we teach math with confidence and clarity.  She brings passion, expertise, and a deep understanding of what parents want and need to know to each of her sessions, and our parents always leave wanting more."


Lindsay Hershenhorn Director of Curriculum and Program Innovation

Children's Day School

"Alison makes learning relaxed, happy, and fun.  She is relaxed and happy as a teacher and that’s what makes it all work."


Second Grader

Your influence and inspiration will stay with all of us and our children.  Thank you!


 Parents of Second Graders


Alison is a gifted teacher who can lead kids to a deeper understanding -- and more importantly, greater enjoyment -- of math. Bringing innovative concepts to life, she helps unlock math concepts in a fun way. Alison has been a sounding board for our child who loves exploring different math ideas and appreciates their collaboration. She knows when to encourage our child to try hard things and to give our child space to digest with a trusted advisor. Our child looks forward to each session. 


Parent of a Sixth Grader


"Alison is the key to our success with Bridges in Mathematics and improving our math program in general. Her knowledge of math and Bridges allows her to support each member of our team in the way that they need.  Our parent body enjoyed her session as well, allowing parents to feel comfortable with something new.  My staff has shared with me that the personalized approach that Alison provides has been the most effective professional development investment they have received in a long time.  Thank you Alison!  We are so fortunate to have you on our team."

Julianne Tullis-Thompson

Head of School

SYV Family School

Building understanding.

Supporting discovery.


Finding joy.


Read my blog posts to learn more about elementary math. You’ll discover new ideas, you’ll see things in a new way, and you’ll walk away each week with ideas and understandings about how to engage in math with your child.


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